Clean HTML programming for SEO

After the site download speed importance, we will here talk about the HTML programming style every dot com owner should consider to improve the performance and rank well in the search engines.

Here is the quick tip: HAND CODE and keep the code less. Use CSS extensively to do that.

Here are a few more tips about the html tables and layers etc:

  • If you are NOT a programmer
    And you have hired a programmer to do the job for you, instruct him that you want no extra tables or layers, tell him that you want clean and simple things.
    If 5 layers do the job instead of 7, use 5 the number of code lines should be as small as possible
    Don't pay the programmer for the number of lines written! You won't gain much from it. Instead tell him that you would pay for the "best code"

  • If you are a programmer Plan in advance how things would be placed onto the webpage, don't comment too much (even that adds up to the page size), keep the code concise and to the minimum.

    Using an external CSS sheet is a good idea as it helps in adding colors to the webpages without adding much to the size of individual pages.

    Div tags are good, tables are not, for the simple reason, that tables are not so flexible in their positioning and use. To get something done through a table tag might require you more code than that through simple div tags

    The idea is to keep the code less! Less coding decreases site load time. It is easier for search engine spiders to understand the content on the website.