Find monthly searches for any topic on the internet

Knowing what people are searching for online is the key of making successful websites!

Are you a Blogger? A  Marketing Manager OR  a Web designer/SEO Manager 
or anyone interested in "how many times a term is searched for on the internet"!

Any good SEO campaign starts with good research of, what people are searching on the internet. If you want to find out what your potential customers are searching for in google.  Then following tools can get you that information>

  1.  A database site which contains wikipedia statistics and So if you know how many times a page was viewed on wikipedia you can estimate the demand of that keyword

    is a website that provides data and information regarding organic traffic of search engines. It is a paid service but u can get upto 10 queries a day for free. It is almost accurate!

  3. google keyword tool
    This is an advance keyword tool provided by google for adwords customer. Google keyword tool is the best keyword research software and probably most accurate too!

Other sites >

Do you know of any other nice keyword tool that helps in finding out number of searches for keywords? If yes, then please share with us through comment section!

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