Alt image tags - Remember to use them wisely!

Are Alt Tags really important for seo?
Suppose you have a website on Taj Mahal. If you put an alt attribute "Taj Mahal" on to the front image, then google will think that you page contains relevant and comprehensive information.

Hence, it will improve your search engine rankings.

How to
use "alt" tags effectively ?
Do the research, find good keywords, the idea is to make available on your website what people are looking for!

By both the content and technology, if you can make google and other search engines believe that you have got what users are looking for. You will get more respect.

What are alt tags?
You might not know what alt tags are, especially if you are new to html, here is an example

If i have to optimize my Taj Mahal Site for "Taj mahal agra hotels " keyword, I would specify this keyword as an alt tag to the image

Please move your mouse over this image to see it working:

Taj Mahal Agra hotels

The code:

< src=" t aj_mahal.jpg" alt = "Taj Mahal Agra hotels" / >

Why are these alt tags important?
Search engine calculates the relevancy of a page considering almost more than 200 parameters, some we have discussed here, alt tag is one of them. So it is really important for a healthy SEO to include alt tags in images.

Not only alt tags helps in SEO, but it also helps disabled people to surf your site which is an additional advantage.

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