Keeping the eye on current events while blogging

On the blogosphere everyone will link to you if you are the first one to hit the news. It can not only bring substantial amount of traffic but many free incoming links too.

Be the first one to write the news
So it's a good idea to stay updated from the news sources, through RSS feeds and news websites. The sooner you write about an event, more the chances of traffic and incoming links.

Subscribe to RSS feeds of news sources
For being the first one to tell the world about the event, you should be able to know first about it.
  • RSS Feeds The quickest way to know about a news is through RSS feeds, for instance if you have a technology blog you should sign-up with RSS feeds of Google/Adobe/Microsoft's RSS feeds so whenever there is a new announcement you can be aware about it and report it on your website.
  • Google Alerts Google alerts will alert you about a keyword in the email or your RSS feed whenever there is new content.If you write about Microsoft, you can create alerts like Microsoft, Windows, Bill gates. This will send you any new information that is posted on the internet.
  • Google Trends Google trends tells you the upcoming popular searches