Repeating the news is not so good thing to do

We have talked about the types of unique content before. Also how can content be the single most important thing for the success of your website.

In this article we talk about why one should not "repeat the news"

"Whenever there is a new story or event, every blogger/website are covering the same topic but with a different language. While there is no bad ranking in such a case, but not so good from a user's perspective.
What to do?
If there is a new event, instead of reporting it like a newspaper if we add a new angle or a benefit to it we can create unique story.

For example, let's talk about launch of New version of Google earth 5. When this version was launched every other blog was writing about it's features.

So to stand out from the crowd we can write a post which contains how it can help your reader in daily life. For example,
Instead of heading like "Google earth launched with sea and space view" we can write
"Now you can go scuba diving with Google earth 5"
OR Breathe into space with the new Google Earth 5 "

By giving a new angle to the story we create a "unique" angle and hence differentiate the content from other websites. 

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