Unique content – An introduction

Here are a few points which elucidate, unique content
  • Unique content is simply put- "The Content, that is not copied as it is from elsewhere."

    There are many websites which copy content from other free sources. For example from Wikipedia. Search engines are smart enough to identify that the content is copied.

    Search engines are also managed by humans to some extent, so if they think that a site has duplicate content it may lose SEO score.
  • Quoting is all fine-
    "It is always fine to take some part of information as it is from the original source. As a Quote!

    As long as you add-in your own original thoughts and words in it, you will continue to be a good in front of Google!

  • The underlying principle
    The underlying principle behind unique content is that you should not only have copied content on your website!The search engine spider can tolerate some sentences that are ALSO available on other sites. But if the spider does not find anything "original" or unique to your site. It won't like your site much then!
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