How to come up with a unique Domain name

The problem while thinking of a domain name is weather the domain would be available or not. Most of the English letter words in the dictionary are already been registered on the internet.

So the only option you are left with is to either register domain name with a combination of keywords or come up with a unique word in itself which has no meaning and hence could be called "abstract" domain name.

Benefits of abstract meaning domain name:

  • Unique
    An abstract name is unique. This can help you in many ways like creating a differentiation amongst your competitors.
  • Short in size
    Most of the short English words have already been registered. The only option that is left with people who don't want to buy them at a premium price is to think of abstract names which are short so that people can easily type them in the search bar without mistakes./
  • Easy to remember
    If you find a name which is short and rhymes easily. Then it will be easy for your audience to remember the name. It will help in getting some direct traffic.
  • Easy to brandAn abstract name could mean anything and can evolve it's own meaning. For example, Orkut was a abstract name for India when the social networking site was launched.

    Soon the website became popular and a key term for social networking.
Here are two tips to find abstract names

  • Combine two words or Mix them up. It would be a good idea to include more vowels, that will help you to come up with domain names that are easy to pronounce.
  • "CAPTCHA": usually captcha words that you have to see on many sites these days do not have a meaning associated.

    It is a good way to find random words for your domain name.


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