Name of site- Trademark considerations

Should you include a keyword in your web site's name for more traffic from search engines?

Keyword rich domain names helps! BUT don't worry if you don't have one.

You can still get as much traffic or even more traffic than the ones which contain a domain name.

For example
  • Do contains "search" in their domain name? NO! 
  • Does contains "video" in their domain name? NO!
  • Does contains "photo" in their domain name? No!
Still these websites get most traffic. They are on the top of listings for those keywords.

Having a .com domain for the keyword does helps a lot BUT is not the only way to get top search listings.

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  1. Registering your trademark significantly reduces the risk of being prevented from using your name or logo by other traders. One of the most emotionally draining and expensive things that can happen to anyone who owns a brand is receiving a “cease and desist” letter from a lawyer which requires you to stop using the name which you thought you owned. US trademark search

  2. It makes no sense to adopt a name that is already in use, or is similar to an existing name, since this will not serve to differentiate your business from the competition.trademark registration

  3. There are numerous law firms that offer required lawful help and exhortation to private company as and when required.
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