How to get more traffic from Yahoo

While most of the traffic on many blogs comes from google, we should still NOT forget yahoo and msn, they still occupies rest 18-20% of the search engine market. If these two are not happy with your site you might lose a large amount of traffic and new potential regular visitors.

After a little search i found that yahoo is indexing only 67 pages of this blog (out of 94 at the time of writing this post) so i was able to figure out that yahoo is not indexing my pages so well.

I was trying to find a way to tell yahoo that "hey my blog has the content,your users are looking for! Please index it in your database", and fortunately i found one workaround!

On yahoo's webmaster center and found a ping service through which i can notify yahoo engine that my blog has fresher content. Though i have just pinged and not too sure about the results,

I still thought to share this tip with fellow bloggers who might be working hard to be friends with yahoo

So if you want to ping yahoo do this:

Copy this URL:

Replace  with your URL

Instead of marked in red put in your site's domain name. And simply put it in the address bar and enter, if you see a screen like the following, it would mean that your talk has been initiated!

And do let me know if this trick worked for you in comments.


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