Promoting the site on directories

There are two main benefits of listing your website on directories:
  • Helps to increase PageRank
    PageRank is a quality score of a webpage given by Google on the scale of 1 to10. The higher the PageRank better it is. 
    there are many web directories on the internet with a very high page rank. If you get to list your site in those web directories it may get you a very good PageRank

    If your web site has a higher page rank then it will be given preference for broader keyword searches.

  • Targeted Traffic
    Many new search engines refer to the web directories to fetch data for their database.

    Even if you are unaware your web site would get listed in these new search engines and web directories and hence gets you more traffic.

    Many time users search for websites through a directory. It is a nice idea to get listed in these directories so that you get more visitors on your website.
Should you pay for getting listed on these directories?

While getting listed on these directories helps. But it is not the only way to increase traffic of your site.

Incoming links are just one of the factors to measure the quality of a website. It is not the end of the world. There are many other ways you can get incoming links.

The simplest of them being writing good and unique content. If you have good content people will link to your website.

Web web Directories:

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