How to find good keywords

What are keywords?
Keywords refer to search terms, that users enter into a search engine to find information. In "search engine optimization" process, keyword research holds great importance.

Why should you find good keywords?
With good keywords you can not only increase your traffic. But also get more targeted visitors.

Finding keywords is both a science and art. If you can find those keywords which people are searching for but less information is available about them on the web. You can receive lots of potential traffic.

Even if your page rank is low, or you don't have incoming links on other websites. IF you include specific keywords, you may definitely win more traffic.

What are good keywords?

  • Keywords should be specific
    You should always select keywords that are longer, for example:

    "How to get a home loan" instead of "Home loan"
    "list of hotels in New York" instead of "hotels"

    The more specific you get with the keywords, the more relevant your site would be and hence give you good traffic not only in terms of quantity but quality too!
  • Finding keywords
    1. Google keyword tool
      Google, the king of search engines recently launched a tool which gives you information on how much searches were made from which country.

      It also tells you related keywords, advertiser's competition and number of searches for a given keyword.

    2. Google Suggest
      Google suggest shows you related keywords based on broad terms you may enter.It's a good way to find related keywords to a certain topic. It also shows you the number of results available.
    3. Wikipedia Statistics Tool
      Wikipedia receives the largest amount of traffic, especially for broad keywords. It can help you estimate the scope of keywords that you may want to include.

    4. Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool
      Keyword suggestion tool by overture (Owned by Yahoo). It is quick and easy to use. However the estimates are not as reliable as Google.

    5. Watching your competitor:
      Don't copy them, but keep a watch. What is in practice is successful. Find how others are ranking well by searching in Google. Try to implement good things in your site.Scan their content, notice how much keywords do they use in every post. Also check back links to their page.

    6. Other tools:

    • Free Tool available at SEOBOOK
    • Forums
      Find your niche forum, watch kind of information people search for. This way you may directly find out, what people are looking for. Write to solve their problems. Answer their questions.The best place to start is Yahoo Answers. Here you can see what people actually type when they are searching

    • - Digital Point forum's keyword research tool

    • Paid services
      You may also use paid services to research keywords. These tools are not available to everyone as they are paid for. So you get exclusive list of the best keyword that are less competitive and may get you more traffic!-

      Keyword Discovery
      Keyword Intelligence

Last but not the least
The best way to think of "keywords" is put yourself in the shoes of the target user.

For example if you have a hotel website, the person will not search for the hotel name but your city. So the city name where your hotel is located should be your targeted keyword and you should optimize for it.

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