Importance of RSS Feed

RSS feeds are important in terms of SEO as it pings the search engine, about new content posted on your site...

Posting new and fresh content is very important for good SEO. Not only you should post more content when you are trying to reach the top. You should continue posting more relevant content for the users to stay there!

RSS Feeds are XML based, with RSS syndication, search engine come to know about the latest content. Recently, there was a question raised about the freshness of the content in search engines. Search engines then evolved this system to update their databases as soon as the content is posted.

You can submit your own RSS feeds to search engines.

How do i set up an RSS Feed?
If you are on a blog, you probably already have one. Or you may use third party tools like feedburner.

How to Submit RSS feeds to Search Engines?
You should submit your RSS Feed to webmaster tools . Once you submit, you can also view the reports.

One note of caution
If you are running a blog, please note that as soon as you publish an article. It goes live on the RSS feed and stays for sometime. So make sure everytime, you post new content you don't make any spelling or logical mistakes. As the article would reach the audience as soon as you click "post".

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