Source of traffic

While most of the traffic on your site might be from Search Engines. You should consider other traffic sources too. Especially with social media, your traffic can increase a lot.

Why is varied traffic source good?
Visitors may have Google OR Yahoo toolbar installed in their browser. This toolbar sends browsing information to the search company servers. So even if the visitor is not coming directly from a search engine, it will still help increasing your rankings. As the information is tracked via toolbar.

A few "other" sources of traffic:
  • RSS Feeds:
    I read so many blogs. It is difficult for me to keep a track of new articles on every blog. To get newest articles from all the blogs, I subscribe them through a RSS reader. (like Google Reader)

    A high percentage of web users have already started using RSS Readers. Many others are just about to do so. It's a convenient way to read your favourate content at one place!

    So, always offer a RSS feed service on your blog and promote it often. If you want to set up a feed for your site, you may use third party services like Feedburner

  • Social Bookmarking sites
    Sites like digg, helps users to share their favorite sites with their friends. And keep all of them at one place. Participate in such forums actively. You will get more traffic and quality incoming links.
  • Video Sharing sites
    With YouTube amongst the top 5 popular sites in the world. No internet marketeer can deny the importance of video sharing media.You can create screencasts, show it on YouTube. Or you may upload videos that are related to what you are selling.

    You can link to your blog and get more traffic.

  • Forums
    It's human nature to interact and socialize.

    People socialize on the internet via forums. Forums are a place where people with similar interests meet and interact. They seek and offer information.Find forums that are related to your website.You can interact and promote your site. Also get some quality incoming links though digital signatures.


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