Validation of HTML/CSS etc

Never leave HTML errors on your web page. Open and check your website in different web browsers. Make sure things are aligned well, there is no font missing and colors are visible.

If your site has HTML errors, the Search engine spider might not be able to crawl properly. Also the usability of your site will decrease. So it's better to keep a check on the code. Make it error free.

Top 3 Reasons your code should be error free:
  1. Search engine spiders won't be able to crawl your site easily. They calculate page download time. So you might receive a lower SEO score. 
  2. Browsers behave very different for single code. Check code for IE and a Firefox user might receive an error or might not be able to view the page at all. This can result into higher bounce rates.
  3. You will get negative points, if you have broken links in your site. Also if the links lead to pages that does not exist at all.
Tip: How to find broken links in your blog or website

The best way to check that your code is correct:
Make sure that your website or blog complies to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and guidelines. W3C is the organization which sets standards for various internet technologies like HTML CSS and others

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