Know “dofollow” and “no follow” attributes

Do follow is a HTML TAG which tells search engines weather to follow the link or not

Example of dofollow
Suppose you have a blog where you link to to recommend your readers to buy books

For doing so... you will write following HTML code:

< ef=" ">The best place to buy books< / a >
-------------------------------------------------------------------Will look something like this: The best place to buy books

Now this is the important part. When google's crawler visits your site. It will register a vote for for "best place to buy books" keyword.

The abuse of linking:
When people came to know about this feature. They started spamming. They would spam for links everywhere. In the web directories, forums, blogs etc.

To avoid this abuse, search engines came with the concept of dofollow and nofollow attributes.

While dofollow means - "Yes i vote for this site, please visit this site"
" " nofollow " " - "I am not voting, just linking"

The result
Most websites now specify "nofollow" tag automatically. Well... not all, but still most of them do.

So how can you get more dofollow links?Here are some tips, to get more incoming links:

  • Create good contentContent is the king. If you have good content, more people will link to you. This is the most easiest way.
  • Find dofollow blogs (Here)
    Some blogs allow "dofollow" links in their comments, so if you post comments on these blogs, you will get more links.
  • The buzz factorCreate a buzz that is unique to your website. Run a contest OR conduct "interviews". People WILL link to you when they talk about anything that is uniquely yours!