Choose a niche topic and be a master of that category

I will advice you to create a niche topic site. Avoid a general purpose one. Search engines love sites which have loads of info about one thing, rather than little bit on various topics.

Specialization is important, I repeat... very very important. Especially if you are starting new with less content. Focus on a niche category first! Please do that!

Let me explain it further:

Instead of "Fishes" create a site on "whales" (Sub-category of fishes)
Instead of "Travel" create a site on "travel in Europe" (Sub-category of travel.
Instead of "Cars" create a site on "Rolls Royce" (Sub-category of cars)

The more deeper you delve into the category, the more you win! Get specific and comprehensive about just one thing.

User's point of view:
People need specialized services. They spend their time and money for the best thing. They won't come to your site, until you promise specific solution for their problems.

The best example is Google itself. When you think of Yahoo (it reminds of email, chat, financial portal, job search and along the list .. a search engine too!). Think of google (The first thing that hits your mind is... search).

Create your identity about one single topic, master it! Not only search engine crawlers, people will also follow you. (And remember, you need traffic other from the search engines too!)

..and Have you heard about word of mouth publicity? (it can do wonders)

Your own Perspective

Not even Alexender the Great had all the resources to capture the world. Especially if you are just starting out in the WWW, you might have less time, very little or no money. Why would you want to try something "big" and reach nowhere?

It's better to eat pizza in smaller bites, than to put it in mouth all at once.

If you are writing on specific topic, you can easily manage things. You can make clear plans. You can be sure of what you are doing. So, I would... suggest you hike the small mountain first and you will hit the apex soon and easily!

Search Engine's point of view:

Search engine do calculations on 200 parameters. One of them is "content". If you have the content which talks more about one thing, you will get more preference.

So what do you think now?

I know you will ask me this: "If i choose a smaller category, how am I going to make good money?". My answer is "That is a myth" only because you cannot capture the broad audience does nt mean you can't make good money.

What would u choose amongst the following options:

a) 10,000 untargeted visitors p. m. - 100 sales OR
b) 5,000 targeted visitors p.m. - 200 sales

I would go with second one!

It is a fact, you sell more if you sell one thing and people want to spend their hard earned money and precious time on the best thing.

So why not provide the users what they want? At the end of the day all SEO activity is for the users only!

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