Naming convention of html, images and other files

What's in the name?
Key to better rankings.

Name it right, to get rankings higher. Name the various html, image, mp3 and other files in your website along with the keywords. Include them and rank higher.

If you are creating a site for hotels in Mumbai name the files like this:

"new-york-hotel-rooms.html instead of a01.html
india-mumbai-tourist-info.html instead of toinfo.html
mumbai-map-guide.jpg " instead of mp.jpg

Make sure u follow this tip especially for .zip or .pdf files. Many times people search for specific files and put extensions in their searches.

It would work best if you have just started building your site. Not if you already own one. You may still consider a re-design. It would be worth your time and effort.

Search the keywords, use them as names to get better SEO Score. If search engines find more relevant information in any form, it will send more visitors to your site.