Interlinking of pages within the site

Why should you interlink pages on your site:
Interlinking is linking to the different pages on the same site, it helps in building good SEO score, let us see how

  • Reason 1- With links people navigate the site easily

    These internet users don't want to think too much. They can't remember always which link is where. If they are reading about Bill Gates, they might never know that you also have an article on Microsoft (which they probably be interested in) until you link to it right there!

    On blogs 1 out of 1000 th visitor goes to archives. They usually come on your site searching for a topic. Link to other articles on your site with same topic. They will have a reason to spend more time with you.

    They will find a reason to stay on your site, this will help in reducing "bounce rates" and increase "average page visit per user"
  • Reason 2 Crawlers too find it easy
    Crawler, crawls through links. They meet your home page first! Then the home page connects it to other pages via "links".

    So make sure u have enough links on your site. All your pages should be interconnected. Having done so, you will never get a chance to complain about pages not being cached.

This is to increase "average user time spent". Search engines record this time. According to search engines: "If a user spends more time on your site, your site is more useful"

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