Using webmaster tools

Webmaster tools are made available by the search engines to help webmasters "communicate" the site with the crawlers and get detailed reports that would help in boosting your rankings

Webmaster tools links for major search engines:

Here are a few things you can do using webmaster tools:
  • Find Broken Links
    If your site has a broken link (link leading to a page that does not exist) you will get a report of such pages, it again counts in overall search engine rankings, SO you should try to find out
  • Set Crawl RatesCrawl is the process when the search engine software stores new pages of your site in their index. If your site gets updated often, it would be a better idea to request faster crawl rates. You can do so by using Webmaster tools and this would help in getting all your pages crawled well and on time.
  • Submit your site map/ FeedsYou can submit XML site map and once you do that chances are high that all the URLS would be crawled and stored in the index.
  • Get Detailed information related to your website, which you may not know:

    - Which are the top ranked pages of your site
    - Reports on incoming links
    - Number of Indexed pages in your site
    - Links reports (outgoing and incoming)

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