Average time spent by users on your site

Average time spent by the user is= Total time spent by all the users/ Number of users
This gives us the average time spent, if more time is spent by the users, the better.

This is a very important aspect considered by the search engines to rank your site. More the time spent, means the site is more relevant

Here are a few things you can do to increase the time spent by the user:
  • Design your site in a way that it is easy for eyes and text is more readable 
  • Create relevant content, the title should be giving a clear preview of the content available.
  • Use simple language which anyone can understand... don't use difficult words, write simple and concise, the idea is to cover all the points you want to with minimum possible number of words.
As you will go through this site you will realize that website design and SEO is about creating site with users in mind. I would suggest you to learn more about "design principles" and "user experience" before even start building a website. 

The best SEO activity is to create a site which has relevant content, useful content. And this content should be easy to navigate and find! That's the key to getting a successful website!