Importance of site design

Site design is important for ranking well in search engines too! However, no search engine is directly going to evaluate your site's design, but it is still related to it. Let us see how...

Why is design important for good SEO?

Reason: If the design is not good, the user might close the site in less time and this would have an adverse effect on your site's "average time spent points". So your design strategy should be geared towards a design which would entice the user to spend more time on the site.

Now this is the secret of search engines! If a user is not spending more time on a site, the search engine would down rate the site and gradually decrease its ranking.

Design Tips to hold visitor on to a website!
Here are some design tips which you should consider to make users stick to your site.. these are points every webmaster SHOULD consider to make the site "user oriented"
  • Importance of proximityInformation should be easy to locate, and related info should be placed together; starting from most important to least important.
    If the design is simple, the user would be able to spend more time on the site without straining his eyes. If the average time spent on the site increases, your SEO score will increase.

    One good Example:
    A perfect example is YouTube, it has a clean and simple user interface. Almost anyone can start using YouTube,

    Just open the Video page and the only thing you get to see is... what you are looking for! This makes you hook on to the page and you love spending time watching videos on the site.

    In YouTube:
    --> All the related videos come on the Right hand side of the screen, separate to the main video and comments section. It makes it easy to find what else i can watch if i finish with the present video.

    --> Comments come on the bottom of the video, there are no advertisements and useless buttons between the video and comments.

    --> White background color on the website, is the best, it's cooler on eyes and the text is easily readable.

  • Placement of various sections
    Placement is important, it's good to keep related set of information in separate boxes. People read from left to right and top to bottom, so you should place the Title on top left corner of the screen (that is where most websites place their logo)

    This heat map shows the most looked important areas of a webpage:

    The darker red areas are most "first looked" areas of the site. These are the areas where the user looks at when he/she comes for the first time.

    Red are the places where the eye movement start and hence are important, lighter colors (yellow) are the areas with least importance.

  • Catching the attraction (Very Important)
    To catch the attraction you should.... 1st write an attractive title and then use an image which would tell the users "what is available"

    User does not start reading the whole page BUT makes a glance to evaluate what information is stored and whether it is the same thing that he is looking for or not!

    So the title should tell the user -"Hey we have got what you are looking for" then only user would continue reading otherwise if he gets an impression that the information is not relevent; he would simply close the webpage and move on to the next search engine result.

  • Use of Graphics:
    Compress your images as much as possible, this will decrease the download time of the web page and hence would add to the better user experience.

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