Site download speed

Site download speed is a important parameter which is considered by search engine spiders to see weather the site is good in terms of usability or not.

Speed is what everyone likes, especially if you are online, you would never sign up for a mail service which is slow, you love google because it's fast. YouTube is cool because you don't have to wait till the video gets downloaded. Patience to keep is only with the saints and not that much with the internet users.

The same is with your site, try and make your site adhere to this, never never never do silly things that would make your site slower.

In simple steps here are some ways you can reduce the download speeds

  • Choose a good webhostI know what you might ask, "How do I know which one of them are good" that's a good question, ummm... on the top of my mind i would recommend godaddy,,, dreamhost (especially for blogs). Remember the bigger the better, if a company has a big infrastructure it would be more reliable, this is a thumb rule.

    In future if you do reach to a point, when your site visitors increase and you start making big bucks, PLEASE host the site on your own servers, this will help you cut out the competition.
  • Design the website through handcoding, avoid WYSWYG html editors

    Don't look for an easier way of designing the website, being a professional i would suggest you to handcode the website all throughout! Notepad should be your ultimate tool for creating html pages, this would really help you to write manageable code for your website.

  • Optimize the images, get a photoshop or photoshop like program

    Those small images can really take a lot of space, if you try to compress the images you will really end up in getting amazingly low sizes with descent quality.

  • Visit the W3schools website and learn about the standards
    When you handcode remember to create the site on standards set up by the World wide web consortium. Search engines do make a count on that.
  • Check your websites in major browsers, CSS can act differently
    CSS the style sheets are used extensively these days, they really help in designing nice and manageable sites. But there is one issue along with them, it can act differently of different browsers, so would suggest you to download the most popular browsers (at least to least Internet explorer, Firefox and Safari).